IOTA vs. NANO vs. ByteBall! A Simple DAG Coins Overview!

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Hey everyone, please welcome Elyse as our newest influencer for Bitcoin For Beginners! Her first video is an overview of the recently hot DAG coins - IOTA, Nano (Raiblocks), and ByteBall. She covers why DAG coins have become popular recently (the limitations of blockchain), the pros and cons of each of the 3 main DAG coins, and other DAG coins out there on the market. Is Directed Acyclic Graph the future in the cryptocurrency world because they solve the scalability problem of blockchain? Or are they bound to disappear once blockchain fixes their scalability issues? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and also let us know what topic you want Elyse to cover next!

Links mentioned in video:
- https://shitcoin.com/iota-cannot-be-used-for-iot-loss-of-funds-may-occur-e45b1ed9dd6b?gi=1ce7b18978fe

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