Agnathavasi movie 3 days collections | Agnathavasi 3 days box office collections Agnathavasi

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Agnathavasi movie 3 days collections | Agnathavasi 3 days box office collections Agnathavasi

Agnathavasiglamorn Kalyan starrer AgnatiVatti's first review came in. Famous movie analyst Umer Sandhu posted the first review on his website. It is unlikely that he will reveal the reviews of the Telugu massive films of the Dubai Sensor team. Umer Sandhu Review became viral in the wake of the massive expectations of anonymous filmmaker around the world.

Pawan Kalyan Performance One Man Show in Anonymous His acting in favor of the image. Dances are in his style. Dancing is impressive though.

Pawan Kalyan's performance as an overpriced film Glory Suresh, an Immanuel Performance as heroines, glamor became an additional attraction. The performances of the other actresses are amazing and the film is yet another step.

Anonymous users .. anonymous .. anonymous .. now the only word unknown from the Pawan fans around the world. Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Animammanuel and Kirti Suresh are the heroines of the film. Even though the movie is coming to theaters on January 10th, Pawan fans will be doing a few hours before midnight shows.
Already on 9th January, fans of Midnight Shows have been set up in Andhra Pradesh several times. Pawan fans are waiting for the time and efforts to set up Midnight shows in Telangana. The midnight show is sold for three to five thousand rupees. But if the pawan is looking for a few hours before the movie, the ticket rate is going to be a good thing.

Pawan's 'Anonymous' will be a huge opener for the movie. On the other hand 'Incognito' is being released in theaters across the world. The film is going to be created in the highest screens in Overseas 'Incognito' Records. Pawan Trivikram combo's positive buzz with 'unknown name' will break the old records and make the box office bigboss to say his fans.
Board of theater owners making the show Timings out of 'Anonymous' in Nellore.

Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram combination will be seen as a sankranti release. Balakrishna is also going to release his film. Similarly, Parthayam Cinema and another two dubbing films are also going to be released. But now the young hero will be going to Nani to compete with Pawan. Dil Rajan's banner is to be released in December. But the Akhil cinematic movie is going to be made in the same time.

But now Dil Raju is planning to release the movie in Sankranthi for the sentiment.

How many heroes are in Sankranthi? Dil Raju's movies are going to be a hit. This year, I got a hit with the heroes like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna, and Dil Raju's 'Shatamananbhati' hit. The next year, he will be releasing 'MCA'.
Nani is acting as the hero and the expectations have grown. If the film gets positive talk, the collections of Pawan will not be shared. And what will happen next

Actor and producer Bandla Ganesh is active in social media. Interesting things related to Alpine Kalyan are also shared on social media with their movies. Now he is an unknown man.

Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram are doing the rounds of the film 'Agnathavasi'. The movie unit will release the movie teaser on 16th of this month. Pawan Kalyan, on a bicycle in a poster telling the teaser release date, is looking at his mouth belt. This pre-look poster Bandla Ganesh has clarified her style. 'Sabbhbabba ... Whose Swamy has wasted it ...' tweeted.

Pawan Kalyan starrer AgnatiVagasi Movie has released its first record. The film will be released in Overseas theaters in the highest number of theaters. In this background, only 14,13,000 dollars was achieved with Premier Shows. That means we have received one and a half million dollars.

The latter was ranked second in the list of the highest grossing Telugu films in US Premiers. In the first place was Bahubali 2, while the latter was ranked by anonymous sponsors, followed by Bahubali Part 1, with 1.3 million dollars. Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram combine to release the film with a massive expectation.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's 'Agnathavasasi' is a big disappointment for fans and industry sectors. Industry sources estimate that the film will lose almost 40 per cent of the film. Dil Raju, producer of Nizam area rights, paid Rs 29 crores.
He will also lose a lot. Pawan has decided to withdraw Rs 15 crore in his remuneration to help them all. Even though the film has negative talk, the collections of the first two days are in the same range. Pawan will help the borrowers who have lost their lives for a few days and see how much damage has come from the film. On the other hand, director Trivikram has reportedly returned Rs 10 crore to the producer who lost the copyright dispute.

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